Suggestions for solo play

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Suggestions for solo play

Postby geow6 » 05 Apr 2018, 17:54

Hi all,

I was going to post this on the ISF solo section, but thought more people seem to respond on the general threads so I thought I'd leave it here.

If anyone has been following my solo play over the last few years, they'll know I've completed quite a few "projects".

So far, I have done a full Premier League season (2017/18) as well as a full European Championships and World Cup (from qualifying to finals). The World Cup finals is due to start next month, and I will have it done by June.

This has got me thinking about where I wish to venture next. I probably have a bit more solo play left in me yet, but don't really want to embark on another full English season.

Any suggestions from people on here? I've thought about a Champions League or even old style European Cup, but feel I would be buying quite a few teams for little reward, especially if they went out in the group stages or first round.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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Re: Suggestions for solo play

Postby Gullseye » 05 Apr 2018, 18:51

I first started by playing a complete 1982/3 First Division, which was great but didn't fancy doing another as its a long haul.
Decided then to start a league of four divisions and carry it on from year to year. I've got 12 teams in each and the fun of this is that there is relegation and promotions. I only play three games per week in the First division and one in each of the other three. All the other games are decided by a system, so it is very manageable. I also do a League cup and an FA cup where I involve another 16 teams (non league) to enter 64 teams.

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Re: Suggestions for solo play

Postby lionofludesch » 05 Apr 2018, 20:30

Decide how much time you have.

Decide how long you want the season or tournament to last.

Work out how many games that represents.

You now have a starting point for the format of your tournament.
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