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Post by Nuttybott » 03 Mar 2019, 09:58

Has anyone had a look at this website, in particular their floodlights page:


Just wondering whether this webite is legit, and if so, is their claim true that "4 SubbuteoStadium floods are more than enough to light up your pitch"?

I have been looking for a set of LED floodlights for my Subbuteo set-up, but they have to be able to be dismantled after each game, as I don't have a place to permanently set up at the moment.

Also, does anyone know the dimensions of the base of a C101 floodlight pylon?

Thanks. :)
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Re: www.subbuteostadium.com

Post by cityfan247 » 03 Mar 2019, 11:51

I have used this site to buy the LED's for the classic pylons.

They are much brighter than the original subbuteo ones. Top drawer. I am delighted with them.

The guy who has set it up is Ronald who is Hogron66 on this forum.

There is a thread on the Members Stadiums topic


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Re: www.subbuteostadium.com

Post by lionofludesch » 03 Mar 2019, 13:46

cityfan247 wrote:
03 Mar 2019, 11:51

They are much brighter than the original subbuteo ones.
Anything's brighter than the original Subbuteo ones.

Not to mention the way they sucked power out of the batteries,

But - that's progress. LED lights are just better technology than filament bulbs.
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Re: www.subbuteostadium.com

Post by Puffin » 04 Mar 2019, 13:27

Check out the subbuteo stadium page on Facebook, a lot of stadiums use equipment from this website. It's very popular
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