Slobbuteo (sic) in the Daily Mail

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Slobbuteo (sic) in the Daily Mail

Post by mantris » 24 Mar 2005, 07:03

Any one who gets a chance to see today's Daily Mail should glance at pg 42/43.

They have a "delightful" selection of ideas for figures to join the new collection.

Doesn't appear to be an online link.

BTW - whoever wrote the Carloskickaball line didn't see JSV bang one in from about 90 yards on Sunday!!!!!
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Post by Focus On » 24 Mar 2005, 12:46

Lel,is Slobbuteo the game played by fat people? :p
Bored to FLICK


Post by Guest » 24 Mar 2005, 12:49

cockney1980 wrote:Lel,is Slobbuteo the game played by fat people? :p
yah. and they have a forum called The Independent Slobbuteo Forum at :lol:

If the game is played by fat people, maybe Wayne Rooney can enjoy it... :badgrin:

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