Clyde Teams

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Clyde Teams

Post by Guest » 30 Mar 2005, 00:25

Gradually collecting variations of Clyde and so far have:

-HW #81 also Liverpool 2nd
-Zombie #81 also Liverpool 2nd
-Naff 80s/90s black and white LW (no red!!!) that is also listed as being Ayr United and host of other teams.

Am I right in saying all that I need is an early 80's #81 LW? Seen this on Ebay before but went out of my price range!

Interestingly I picked up the #81 Zombie for under a fiver on ebay recently. Do zombies tend to go for less that the HW/LW versions?

Cheers, Dave.


Post by paogr » 30 Mar 2005, 09:37

In general common zombies are valued less than many lightweights. But trust me they can be very expensive if the code reference is a so called rare one.
There is no rule though and with ebay you never know.
Been searching in Ipswich area and no sign of Subbuteo so far :cry:
Were are all those bargains and attic clearances everybody is talking about ?


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