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Syd Barrett

Post by Vikash » 12 Jul 2006, 14:30


Thank you for the generation you spawned, Mr. Barrett. Thank you for your creation.

Rest in peace, and shine on, you crazy diamond...
How about them transparent dangling carrots
How about that ever elusive kudo


Post by PhippsFlix » 13 Jul 2006, 18:54

Interstellar Overdrive - a classic!!

The one about Gnomes was brilliant

Bike tops it off nicely


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Post by forfoxsake » 13 Jul 2006, 20:35

Spot on Phipps / Vik . Love sixties Floyd ,absolutely detest with a passion all that drival that followed .
All the best Jim.
Straight on for the days ahead !


Post by PhippsFlix » 27 Sep 2006, 19:55

Work with this Londoner called Roger Parker who's a Floyd nut(Our Roger resembles the Vicar from Dad's Army & has a poster of the original line-up in the side window of his coach).He recently went to Cherry Hinton to see Syd's house which is up for sale & has a load of his DIY efforts still inside.Shame that it will no doubt be gutted out by some bugger looking to make a buck or two.
If you're on the roads between London & Norfolk,Rog does a few runs so keep an eye out for a Sanders Coach in amber,tangerine & blue horizontal stripes(Reg plate 259 VYC) driven by a Dad's Army's Vicar Lookalike :lol!:


Post by mahler005 » 16 Oct 2006, 18:08

forfoxsake wrote:Spot on Phipps / Vik . Love sixties Floyd ,absolutely detest with a passion all that drival that followed .
All the best Jim.


Seen this?



Post by PhippsFlix » 01 Jun 2018, 07:24

Just thought that I should mention that Roger is now in a different motor.
It's the same company colours but it's a Neoplan Reg plate R22 SCH (The last three letters stand for Sanders Coach Holidays)Theres a good chance anyone going along the M11 or M25 will see him on his travels.
He switched cos 259's heaters are crocked :crazyeyes:

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