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Post by Eric » 27 Nov 2006, 17:55


I was at the Mot?rhead concert in Folkstone last Friday the 24th.

As usual, Lemmy says : "WE ARE MOT?RHEAD AND WE PLAY ROCK'N'ROLL".

It's true ! Great moment.

Eric :guiness:

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Post by lionofludesch » 28 Nov 2006, 00:08

Top band!

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Post by Focus On » 21 Dec 2006, 13:58

Great band and met Lemmy once playing the fruit machines at the St Maritz club in Wardour street after coming out of the old Marquee after seeing The Selecter
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Post by ISF » 21 Dec 2006, 18:08

I saw Motorhead 10 times back in the 80s - including the front row of the Lyceum twice.

I also met Lemmy at the bar at the now defunct Rainbow at a Saxon gig and I gave him a cigarette. His words were "seeing as it's a Winston, yes I will"

Top bloke



Post by Eric » 21 Dec 2006, 18:14

Lemmy is great like his Rickenbaker !

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Post by PhippsFlix » 06 Jun 2018, 16:09

My Pal Julie's Dad used to work the Bar at West Runton Pavilion & beat Mr. Kilminster at Pool(being an American you'd expect him to be a bit good at the game).
Bob reckoned he was a top fella & a gent.
Pity that Bob died last May without telling us more about his exploits at the Pavilion.......

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