one second song anyone?

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one second song anyone?

Post by Focus On » 30 Sep 2008, 18:06

Bored to FLICK


Post by unclefrank666 » 05 Oct 2008, 15:22

Hi cockney just saw youre thread there was a L.P released called earache records compilation with a free 7" single inside with Napalm Death think it was called "Super megarmageddon Death part 1", the other side was Bomb Disneyland cant remember what the single was called they went on to be called Bomb Everything.


Post by PhippsFlix » 17 Oct 2008, 21:43

Used to know where Phil Vain from Extreme Noise Terror lived.
He was living with a girl who worked at the studios we used in Norwich a few years ago & she lived in a tiny little place called Plumstead(about 2 miles South of Holt).He'd stay when E.N.T. were between tours at the time(about 1996)
We came 'round to pick up our new tapes(about 500 of 'em) & there was Phil reading Helen's daughter a Beatrix Potter book.
We turned up & he felt a bit embarressed to be "caught out" like this.
But I'm not sure if this is true or not,but I heard he fronted N.D. at some point when Barney Greenway left........

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Post by MahlerOO5 » 17 Oct 2008, 21:52

Back eh Phippsie :thumbsup:
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Post by PhippsFlix » 28 Dec 2018, 01:41

MahlerOO5 wrote:Back eh Phippsie :thumbsup:
....for as long as the basket PC don't get infected with Viruses this time :lol!:

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