LW Rarity Guide Review

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LW Rarity Guide Review

Post by Adrianf » 01 Nov 2006, 15:51

Right, posted in this section is my draft LW collecting and rarity guide. It has been suggested and I think its a really good idea that we collectively review and update.

The suggested process (by me :lol!: ) is that we review a tabbed section per week starting with references 1 - 100. If you want to take part pm me and I will look out for your email return. You will need to download the spreadsheet for this to work. It has macros in it but these are ok with no viruses ......honest :G

Ok, here are the rules:
1. You are reviewing this from a UK availability perspective but including the mass availability of ebay
2. Each tab will be reviewed on a timed basis, which will be announced each week.
3. To update the spreadsheet with what you think the rarity should be, copy the entire rarity column including contents and insert it again as a new column to the immeadiate right of the existing one (i.e. it becomes column D moving the Amount Paid column to E etc.). Once you have done this, update those items you think should be changed leaving the others alone.
4. email the updated sheet back to me at adefieldhouse@aol.com
5. I will take all returned spreadsheet, add them together and update based on the new average figures and will then re-publish the spreadsheet when updated.
6. If a reference has several versions then we are judging based on the average across those versions

So, week 1 is references 1 - 100...........all updates back to me by midnight 8th November 2006 (GMT) please.

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