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Re: Stadium update

Post by Focus On » 11 Jan 2017, 09:46

Wrightenberg wrote:
SM_FFC wrote:The new playing surface looks good, as does the new roof but the ground has lost a little something at the end behind the goal eh?
I like Metcalfe kits too... but cutting the windows I can do without :-)
Yeah, shame to lose the terrace, but it was either that, or lose one of the railway lines. Hopefully, once I've added a bit more to it and added the spectators - it'll look the part.
You have the same prob as Luton Town Steve
Bored to FLICK

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Re: Stadium update

Post by blues.bass » 11 Jan 2017, 19:54

Wrightenberg wrote:
blues.bass wrote:What goals are you suing in the top 4 pictures?
They look a lot smaller than mine, and more to scale. Can you please let me know some details about them?
They're metal 5-a-side 'New Wembley' goals. Available here: ... ry&path=71
Thank you :awe:

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Re: Stadium update

Post by Gullseye » 12 Jan 2017, 08:36

BanburyRoversSFC wrote:
Gullseye wrote:Looking good, comes to life when the supporters arrive. Those standing fans from China are good value, although the painting is really poor it provides a starting point to work on.
Would you know where these standing fans are available or what to search for etc?
You can buy these on ebay, type in " 100 pcs scale 1:75 model railway painted figures. Currently selling for 100 for 99p which is cheaper than anywhere.

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