nottingham forrest 80-81, european champion

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nottingham forrest 80-81, european champion

Post by riccardodimilano » 26 Jul 2007, 10:04

decals design by michele (vr), application by massimiliano (monsummano).

sold on


Post by Predator » 27 Jul 2007, 01:45

Thought this was the paint job section.


Post by riccardodimilano » 27 Jul 2007, 09:30

these teams are realized with a mix of painting technique and decals application.

waiting for a section dedicated only to decals I think it's correct to post my teams here.


Post by demunb » 27 Jul 2007, 14:39

you continue to amaze Riccardo. Excellent stuff.


Post by thefingerismakingmeflick » 27 Jul 2007, 16:28

riccardo, have you got a video of the boy massimiliano at work? Would love to see how he does what he does... :O


Post by riccardodimilano » 28 Jul 2007, 08:37

hi stephen,
I want to shoot a short video about designing/applying decals.

maybe the guest star won't be massimiliano because is location is too far from milan and my filming production company is too poor to shoot in tuscany.


Post by Guest » 05 Sep 2007, 10:42

This team is perfect for this figures. Great job


Post by jl » 16 Sep 2007, 11:09

Great job , although Forrest never wore this kit in either of their European finals.

paulo souza
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Post by paulo souza » 04 Oct 2007, 16:35

You're right JL.

still a lovely team, what's the price??

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