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advice required

Post by Donnie » 22 Nov 2008, 20:12

i am quite interested in painting up my own teams but have never done it before. i have painted wargames figures in the past so not a complete novice. what paint do people prefer? what about figures, santiagos? i am quite interested in doing some scottish junior teams as my old man played for dalkeith thistle in th dark ages so have toyed with the idea of doing the east regional league that they are in. all comments gratefully recieved. :?:

From red to blue

Post by From red to blue » 23 Nov 2008, 01:22

Hi Donnie

The consensus here is Humbrol for paint, Revel for varnish, and whatever floats your boat regarding figures. Personally, I like Superfooty figures, but many here like Santiago 2 and 2K4. There are many more if you scout around (such as the Italian HW lookalike whose name escapes me at the mo).

If you're a repainter, however, then I definitely recommend heavyweight Subbuteo. Your operating costs will be higher, but you'll find the potential rewards are most gratifying if you do your research on these forums.

Joking aside, I recommend you thoroughly explore the Custom Paint Jobs section to see the different figure types and to get info on decals if you like that sort of thing. Plus, I would order one set of each type you're interested in before you begin bulk buying. You may find that your favourite (aesthetically) is a real dog on the pitch.


Post by Donnie » 23 Nov 2008, 12:05

cheers for that, good info on different figure types. i will certainly check this out before committing. i think i will leave the hw repaint lark to the crooked so and sos that abound :G

From red to blue

Post by From red to blue » 25 Nov 2008, 22:43

Any time Donnie. Enjoy your research!


Post by spudski » 25 Nov 2008, 23:03

Donnie...check out the Oldsubbuteoforum.It's Italian but has an English translation of sorts.
There are some amazing custom paint jobs on their to give you inspiration.
All the best


Post by Donnie » 26 Nov 2008, 06:12

thanks for that, will check it out tonight.


Post by jl » 27 Nov 2008, 09:46

Have a look at the Stefan Corda site and you will see what can be achieved with a brush and a lot of patience :thumbsup:


Post by Donnie » 28 Nov 2008, 12:07

i have just been on stfans site!!! they really are top notch, the vintage teams are brilliant. must get myself a hearts one!!! it is certainly something to aim at :G


Post by Owensdabomb » 29 Nov 2008, 06:27

Bought a doncaster vintage team for that website. top class!! hope i can paint that well someday


Post by Donnie » 29 Nov 2008, 19:06

they really are superb these vintage teams. i certainly think it that i will be buying some of them. had a look at the doncaster rovers one on the site and it looks really good. O:)

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