American Football with Subbuteo rugby gear ?

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Re: American Football with Subbuteo rugby gear ?

Postby Donegal Subbuteo » 30 Dec 2016, 19:58

Cheers Ralph. Interesting." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; e-mail

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Re: American Football with Subbuteo rugby gear ?

Postby lionofludesch » 01 Jan 2017, 16:28

Cheers Ralph. Interesting.
Think soccer with rugby posts and corner kickers to kick points and you're more than half way there.

The throw-in's hard to simulate but it only happens a couple of times a game.

And the pitch gets very crowded with eight extra players on there. Reminds of how the game's played over here - small-sided games on rugby pitches. I'm never sure if they play small sided because the pitch is smaller or they don't have enough players. :-\
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