FlickMaster Pitch Surfer's Bases

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FlickMaster Pitch Surfer's Bases

Post by Guest » 18 Jan 2005, 16:03

I saw that some people are selling them already in europe and we haven't maded a topic about them yet.

Does anybody tried them before? What is you opinion about them?


Post by Guest » 18 Jan 2005, 20:45

I heard they are a lower, more stable cross between the Parodis and the Hasbro solids. So I am anticipating their arrival intently! I'll report on here when I have had a flick with them.


Post by futoomph » 18 Jan 2005, 20:58

I quite like them. Bought some from Mike Peacock last weekend and they're fine for a mess about. Glide nicely and curl well too. Haven't got the chip sussed yet, but only had 5 mins with them, so I'm sure that will come. Better than any subbuteo bases, possibly as good as lunulas but no threat to astrobase or stefan corda imho.


Post by Guest » 27 Jan 2005, 07:51

Flickmaster are very good to play with. They glide well and are excellent for blocking. Like Trev, I have struggled to get a consistent shot with them. They are quite light and I've found that 'long-shots' seldom work. Close up to the ball, they're fine, but anything more than 2/3 inches away I can't seem to lift the ball. With SureShots I can chip a ball from any distance, but with these, I can't.



Post by Guest » 27 Jan 2005, 14:40

I'll agree with these guys that it is nigh impossible to get a long shot chip out of them. However that is their only flaw IMO. A nice medium weight base with a low strike edge and slick flat. And you can curl 'em! For the money, worth every penny. Great VFM compared to Stefan Cordas and other similarly priced equipment.


Post by Guest » 27 Jan 2005, 17:47

Thanks guys,

i just received my first set this week and i haven't tried them already. At least i have some advices.

Kind regards,



Post by Guest » 27 Jan 2005, 19:43

You see the Flickmaster websites updates already? What is this?

FlickMaster Pitch

Colors avaliable: Green, red, blue, violet, turquese, orange, and yblack.

You can customize the color of the lines too!

They are kidding, they aren't? :lol:
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Post by futoomph » 27 Jan 2005, 19:59

I think the burberry pitch is a bit over the top.

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