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Speedy Bases

Post by Guest » 01 Jun 2005, 00:41

Anyone have seen/heard something about these greek bases?


Post by Guest » 14 Jun 2005, 11:02

Speedy Bases are quite good actually, I tried them myself. They are made with different materials and a whole different procedure than other bases. They come only in 2 different types at the moment, with more planned to come out soon.

I suggest you try them, you might find them interesting...


Post by Guest » 14 Jun 2005, 11:05

Thanks Bon,

where I can find it? Where I can see a image of them?



Post by Guest » 14 Jun 2005, 11:22

Actually a web page for the speedy bases is still under developement... I will try to find any pictures and post them here. Greek players who travel abroad will carry speedy bases and of course, you can come to the Athens Acropolis Grand Prix and check them out by yourself.. :)

Vassilis K.
Panhellenic Association of Table Football


Post by Guest » 14 Jun 2005, 21:26

I'm not a FISTF player at all. I only play with some guys of Acad?mica de Coimbra Table Football Section.

But, maybe i will at Greece in August. Acad?mica de Coimbra will play a International Football Tournment at Thessaloniki (or something like that :lol: ) and i'm thinking go there to support the boys.


Post by Guest » 15 Jun 2005, 07:53

Tournament in Thessasaloniki? Do you have any further information? I would be interested to know more about this...


Post by Guest » 15 Jun 2005, 12:59

it's a REAL FOOTBALL tournament. Not a Table Football tournment!! ;)


Post by Guest » 16 Jun 2005, 06:34

Ahhh... I see! ok! ;)


Post by KEVA » 24 Jun 2005, 16:18

where can you get these bases from?? what are the specifications?

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Post by lionofludesch » 24 Jun 2005, 17:01

Another set to try out Kev ?
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Post by Guest » 16 Nov 2006, 11:19

try this link


hope that helps - I play with them myself


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