What base is it

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What base is it

Post by Guest » 19 Apr 2006, 20:47

Hi all,

I'm new to Subbuteo and recently purchased the 2005 Subbuteo Club Edition box set. Being as I don't know one base from another, any idea what I got with the set? Additionally, anything I should know when putting the players together?



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Post by Vikash » 20 Apr 2006, 05:06

Hi, Craig!

Welcome to the ISF, mate 8-)

This is a very good starter set. It's standard and will come with Astrobase figures and the bases they designed for Subbuteo products from about 2003 (These, along with the Stefan Corda Company's G2's are my favourite bases :p ).

The pitch is of a high quality, and the goals are probably the strongest plastic efforts ever produced. So, you've got quite a good introduction to this game/hobby.

Please visit the various websites in the link below for more on the pastime. I am sure there will be many here to assist you with your questions:


Enjoy :p


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