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Post by Guest » 02 Jun 2006, 11:20

I have a very old Subbuteo set (70?s Continental) and recently have started to purchase new equipment so that my set is complete. I have purchased various accessories and teams from Soccer 3D as well as Astrobases (bibase). I have also purchased an Astropitch and continental goals. However I still have one question about the rules of the game that perhaps you can answer. In fact I downloaded a video and watched them carefully but still cant figure out the following rule.

Years (and I mean years ago) ago when I received my Subbuteo, I attended a demonstration at one of our big sporting stores here in South Africa. I remember clearly that the attacking side would be allowed three attacking flicks followed by the defending side?s flicks of the same number. The 4th flick would have to be by the attacking player ?to regain possession? so to speak. If he missed, then the defending side would have to hit the ball to regain possession for his side.Then the process would start all over again. Note that the attacking player could (as the present rules dictate) continuously play the ball 3 times in succession or optionally use three positional flicks). However when watching the videos, I noticed that this is not the case. Surely ?running into position? is what soccer is all about ? It also allows one to set up an attack. It also allows you to keep your defensive shape etc? For the rest, the rules remain the same with regard to throw-ins, free kicks and so on.

Please let me know you opinion on this issue.

The other question: what size brush do you use for painting? I was thinking of a sable hair 000 round for the logos. I have never done this before but I am going to give it a try. I will be ordering unpainted 24K to experiment.


Post by futoomph » 02 Jun 2006, 13:22

You get three touches in a row maximum with any player. After that another player must be used (no positional flicks to be used).

When in possession, the only time you can flick a player for positioning is if that player is in an offside position. You can only do this 3 times during one period of possession. The player flicked onside can not take a touch onto the ball on the next flick.

The defending player can get in blocks after each touch if he is quick enough but the attacker does not have to wait unless a figure has fallen over or there is obstruction or the block is to respond to an onside flick.


Post by subbuteofan » 20 Jun 2006, 14:50

Hi Kev,

for painting I use brushes N. 1 and 0 for basic colors for shirt, shorts, socks, skin, hair and shoes. Brush N. 000 for stripes. Brushes from 4/0 to 20/0 for little details, such as logos, sponsor or names on the shirt.



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