Figures and painting

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Figures and painting

Post by DallasCowboy » 18 Feb 2018, 23:56


I have a few questions regarding buying paint your own figures and paints. I hope someone can help.

I know there is the lpm website and the Santiago website, which have a range of different paint your own figures. Are there any other sites that you use? Thinking cost wise and nice figures for painting.

With the Vallejo paints. Where do people buy these from? (either online or walk in stores) as I got the impression before that you can't order from the Vallejo website..

With the citadel games workshop paints. There seems to be a range of different types of paints like 'base' 'shade' 'layer' etc so which type do you use? Is it the 'base' type?


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Re: Figures and painting

Post by newgolddream » 19 Feb 2018, 11:43

Most miniature model paints are fine, all have pros and cons. It is personal preference I suppose.

Many Subbuteo painters will use Humbrol enamel paint as this is what the original figures were painted with.

LPM and Santiago are good places to buy figures.

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