Rugby Kits question

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Rugby Kits question

Post by cityfan247 » 30 Sep 2018, 12:28

Over the last 3 or 4 years i collected the entire R1- R26 range of rugby teams in either football style or chunky style figures....or both! Didnt intend to (as I am not a massive rugby fan) but you know how collecting goes..... Got the kickers as well before you ask... just need an original St Helens kicker if anyone can help me out.

However once you go beyond ref 26 the rest of the range are as rare as 3 points for Grimsby Town. Most of these I have never actually seen (and probably never will) so I have some santiago figures and some bases and will paint up the rest (and no doubt some others) myself.

I have a question regarding some kits
Does the V on the front of the R28 Keighley R30 Blackpool R31 Barrow and R33 Swinton shirts have the V on the backs as well or are they plain? Same for the hoops on the R29 Whitehaven.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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