Missing photos,

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Missing photos,

Postby lewisdl » 15 Mar 2015, 13:56

Any update on why the pictures are missing in many older posts. The reference section is pretty much useless without them.
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Re: Missing photos,

Postby ISF » 25 Mar 2015, 08:33

I think all the attachments are now there. A few of the very early ones got corrupted a few years ago when we changed servers, but only a very few.

Sickage Flickage
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Re: Missing photos,

Postby Sickage Flickage » 01 Jul 2015, 20:40


I can't see any of Focus On's pictures in his 'Old Stadia Porn' thread apart from the one on the last page.

Up until a few months ago I could see all 19 pages of them.

This is greatly distressing to me. Could you make them appear again please! :D [-o<

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Focus On
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Re: Missing photos,

Postby Focus On » 02 Jul 2015, 06:39

think they were lost-or i pulled them, so did another thread on it, tbh its been done to death now

this ones still ok Tom
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