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Postby algy » 06 Apr 2016, 11:50


It looks like the Subbuteo Players Forum is going to be disappearing soon. I know there is/was a certain amount of animosity when the two forums split back in the day, and probably still now to some extent, but do you think it'd be possible to have a small FISTF section to promote FISTF events (which is the main area of use on that forum now) in? I know a couple of people there are willing to help contribute towards running costs, it probably wouldn't be a terrible thing for us to share those costs.

OR maybe host the SPF on the same server as this forum and share costs? Whatever .. just trying to find a way to keep our corner of the internet alive!!


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Re: Migration?

Postby Neil » 08 Apr 2016, 19:38

Hi Algy,

Tournaments and such events could be advertised in the Clubs and Tournaments section.
Putting them in the main section would increase visibilty, whereas a separate FISTF section might put people off looking at it.


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