Chris Thomas Wins Stage One | Pro Tour 2016

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Chris Thomas Wins Stage One | Pro Tour 2016

Postby Arrow » 10 May 2016, 19:15

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The 2016 Pro Tour kicked off in fine style, despite the day only consisting of four round swiss format the day was a great promotion for our sport.

With players from England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, Italy and Greece in was truly an international spectacle.

It was Chris Thomas who became the first PTSA stage champion, defeating Blanchard, Burns, Silveri and Stock.

The association will be providing a new venue for stage two, due to size and timing issues.

We would like to thank all that came, even from afar and we will improve on the next stage on June 18th.

Winner – Chris Thomas – £35 + Winners Plate
Runner Up – Elliott Bellefontaine – £21 + Trophy
3rd Place – Gabriele Silveri – £14 + Trophy
4th Place – Michael Burns – Trophy
5th Place – Brian Daley – Trophy


Round 1
Connor Bowden 0-4 Gabriele Silveri
Michael Burns 5-1 Luis Mendez Banderas
John Marshall 0-2 Colin Fletcher
Brian Daley 8-0 Paul Caulfield
Richard Stock 3-1 Daniel Lilley
Panos Stemitsiotis 0-2 Elliott Bellefontaine
Martin Blanchard 1-3 Chris Thomas

Round 2
Brian Daley 1-2 Michael Burns
Gabriele Silveri 2-4 Chris Thomas
Richard Stock 1-0 Colin Fletcher
Elliott Bellefontaine 5-0 Martin Blanchard
Daniel Lilley 0-2 Panos Stemitsiotis
John Marshall 0-8 Luis Mendez Banderas
Connor Bowden 7-0 Paul Caulfield

Round 3
Elliott Bellefontaine 1-3 Michael Burns
Chris Thomas 5-0 Richard Stock
Brian Daley 1-2 Luis Mendez Banderas
Connor Bowden 2-0 Colin Fletcher
Gabriele Silveri 4-0 Panos Stemitsiotis
Daniel Lilley 0-4 Martin Blanchard
Paul Caulfield 0-0 John Marshall

Round 4
Chris Thomas 2-1 Michael Burns
Gabriele Silveri 2-1 Luis Mendez Banderas
Connor Bowden 0-6 Elliott Bellefontaine
Richard Stock 0-2 Brian Daley
Colin Fletcher 1-1 Martin Blanchard
Panos Stemitsiotis 4-0 John Marshall
Paul Caulfield 1-5 Daniel Lilley

Next event: 18th June 2016 - Information coming soon via

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