Desperation strikes

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Re: Desperation strikes

Postby Paulhilton » 31 May 2017, 21:48

I see the said team was sold for £33.50 - funnily enough all 5 bids had "private listing - bidder identity protected" status- I do wonder, seems a little coincidental.

I predict this very team will pop up again soon.

Perhaps listed under another "seller ID" but likely the same owner.

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Re: Desperation strikes

Postby Focus On » 01 Jun 2017, 07:04

Prob Paul
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Re: Desperation strikes

Postby spudski » 01 Jun 2017, 07:31

Having had two original HW Melchester Teams, it's worth noting for any new collector, that the red ref label was the same one that SSG sometimes used on the Red Football Express Teams and Red Tracksuited Teams.

The one shown on that link isn't one of these.
Ian, your knowledge and ability to spot a fake is second to none You should probably set up a service to check the authenticity of teams. If a buyer is paying good money for a rare team, a few quid more to run it past an 'expert' for peace of mind would be well spent.
Happy to give any views free of charge mate :-) The person to speak to regarding Melchester Teams is Lloydie of this very Parish. His involvement with SSG and the English Subbuteo Club gave him access to all the Melchesters produced. From memory with my conversations with him, overpainted ref 41's were were painted from scratch. All red base combos, as well as Red/yellow. I think the Melchester team was given away free when you became a member of the Club he was involved with. Open to correction...hopefully he'll come along and give some meat to the bones.

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