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Hasbro has just about stopped manufacturing Subbuteo as most collectors know it. The last thing to come off their production line was the dreaded "Finger Puppet" type game. Many collectors were horrified to see this atrocity in Toys'R'Us, bearing the Subbuteo logo. Edilio Parodi has bought a licence to manufacture using the Subbuteo name in Italy and his range is available through Subbuteo World and other suppliers.

However, do not despair! There are still some very good sources for buying Subbuteo, whether you are after a set, teams or accessories and we've listed some of the more well known ones below.

Subbuteo World Large amount of second hand items and new Italian items in stock. Most Zeugo teams in stock. They also stock the new Italian range of Subbuteo.
Barcode Table Football Portugal's largest table football shop, specialising in their own brand of equipment.
Auslan Design Designers and manufacturers of retro Subbuteo t-shirts.
Profibase Suppliers of professional quality bases.
Ebay Huge amount of items available - but beware of some dubious sellers selling poor quality items.
Tornado Toys We sell both pre-owned Subbuteo (LW and HW eras) and brand new Astrobase products including Soccer 3D teams.
World of Phone Cards Superb Italian seller, who despite the trading name sells a large amount of Subbuteo. Very speedy service from Italy.
Dimitrios' Subbuteo Sales Site Recommended Subbuteo seller from Greece. Large amount of new Subbuteo stocked.
World Table Soccer New company based in Canada, but shortly opening a UK branch. Stock a wide range of both Subbuteo and other Table Sports items. Highly recommended service.
Astrobase Italian company specialising in table Football products for the serious player. They do not stock Subbuteo.
Soccerito Panos' Greek based site selling many different types of table football equipment. They will ship worldwide.
Subbuteo Emporium UK based mail order company selling 100's of rare and collectable Subbuteo items.
Subbuteo Shop Italy Italian shop with original and replica items available.
Best Teams Ever Painting service for customised table football teams.
Jaden Model World Suppliers of the 2012 range of Subbuteo sets and accessories.


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