Collectors' Clubs

There are currently two active collectors' clubs. They are as follows:-

The Subbuteo Collectors' Club.
This club is not currently active. Formed in the mid 1990's it was allowed to decline until it ceased operating at the beginning of 2002. It was apparently due to a lack of volunteers to run it.

Subbuteo World Club
This club was formed by Subbuteo World in 2003 and is run by Pete Whitehead. Subscription is currently 15.00 GBP per year and this includes 4 colour magazines and a free limited edition Subbuteo team. For more information, please see

The Subbuteo Club
This club was formed in August 2002 by Trevor Smith. Yearly subscription is 6.00 GBP and for further details please contact Trevor Smith at or visit the club website at

The Table Soccer Players' Association
The TSPA has have been around in one form or another since 1954. Members play on green baize type pitches using traditional figures. A National League with players from all over the UK is run alongside various Opens, including the famous Challenge Cup at the NEC Metropole, Birmingham and the Cornwall Open. Older players returning to the game particularly welcome. The rulebook
is of an older version than the ESTFA. A membership fee is payable yearly. This association can be contacted at the following address:

Playing Clubs
Below are some of the many playing clubs. Please email to add your club.


Ballyclare TFC, Nortern Ireland (UK) John Barrons
Bath and Frome Subbuteo Club Steve Book
Birkhill Table Soccer Club, Dumfries (UK) Iain Bell
Birmingham Table Soccer Club (UK) Tony Moogan
Bromyard SC - Herefordshire (UK) Peter Laver
Cheshire Corinthians Tony Lleach
Dynamo TFC Knighton (UK) Tom Taylor
East Anglia Subbuteo Club (UK) Stuart Wright
East Midlands Alliance TFC (UK) Lee Parsons
English Premier League - Bristol (UK) Chris Short
Flintshire Dragons (UK) Paul Ketley
The High Wycombe Subbuteo League (UK) Mark Smith
Hot Club D'Ecosse (UK) Mike Burns
Kings Norton - Birmingham (UK) Sam Munnings
LBH Subbuteo Table Football Club Robert Morgan
Lichfield TFC (UK) Tom Taylor
Louth Subbuteo League Andrew Cargill
London TFC (UK) John Brand
North East Table Football Alliance (NETFA) (UK) Mike Parnaby
North Downs Subbuteo League (UK) David Clegg
Northern Ireland TFA (UK) Kenneth Beggs
Putney Subbuteo Club (UK) Daniel Fox
South Devon Gamers TFC (UK)
Spartak Kendal - Kendal (UK) Chris Wrigley
Stockport TFA (UK) Paul Waddington
Wiltshire TFC Mike Newton
Wolverhampton TSC (UK) Chris Short
Wolverhampton Falcons (UK) Nigel Harris
Worcester River Plate Severn TFC (UK) Tim Lovell
Worthing Five Star TFC (UK) Brian Barnes
Charlottesville Subbuteo Club (USA) Andrew Giffin
Connecticut Subbuteo League (USA) Massimo Conturso
Michigan Subbuteo TFA (USA) Mike Ewer
Minnesota Subbuteo League (USA) Zach Walker
Southern California Subbuteo Club (USA) Simon Hutchinson
Westwood Falcon League (USA)
Eastern Ontario Major Subbuteo League (Canada) Bruno Biasini
FTC Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Paris (France)
Sparta Spreeathen 74/82 (Germany) Marcus Tilgner
Subbuteo Fighters Club (Italy)
Club Subbuteo Firenze (Italy) Fabio Bernardini
SC Urbe Roma 2003 (Italy) Giovanni Riccardi
Independent Subbuteo Club Green Hawk 2010 (Italy) Marco Villa
Hamrun TFC (Malta)
Zabbar Subbuteo Club (Malta)
Associação Académica de Coimbra (Portugal)
Sport Lisboa e Campolide (Portugal) Luis Horta
Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club (Spain) Pascal Carrassi


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