Is this the worst song/video from the 70s...?

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by ian_tambo » 27 Dec 2018, 15:43

Maybe your were a contestant????

by misterjones » 13 Mar 2008, 00:47

"naked jungle" was the ch5 nude gameshow.
i dont even want to ask myself how i remember that one!

by ian_tambo » 12 Mar 2008, 20:46

what about this one - Its been stuck in my head all bloody evening.

What about Cheggers - lead singin for the Nolans!

Talking of Cheggers - anybody remember that naked quiz he did on channel 5. Think I watched one in the hope it would have some decent babes - instead it was all bloody droppy tits and arses. No wonder cheggers knob looked so small! (not that I'm into knobs)

And talking of naked quiz shows - tooty fruity - that had some decent babes! Shame channel 4 don't run it

by mike2502 » 28 Feb 2008, 19:02

Hard to beat that one on any level Ian :lol!:

by ian_tambo » 28 Feb 2008, 12:19

This little poo get's my vote.

by mahler005 » 27 Feb 2008, 21:41

Ian, your nomination is ... ? :-k

by ian_tambo » 27 Feb 2008, 20:41

Lets hope neither girl ever visits the forum eh :lol!:

Scary thing is my daughter is 11 and if I thought some little herbert was sticking his fingers somewhere I'd break his flip fingers - slowly!

how times change!

by Focus On » 27 Feb 2008, 16:08

by Focus On » 27 Feb 2008, 16:06

What?-....worst 70s song?

anything by Sailor :bad-words:

by mahler005 » 27 Feb 2008, 16:02

I recall a very similar experience listening to this... ... re=related

I must have been 14 at the time...on a school camp

OK then, what's your alternative nomination

by Focus On » 27 Feb 2008, 15:53

classic song mate-remember fingering some girl when i was 11 to this-she smelt of that yellow scented 'soap on a rope' we all used to rave over,...Nicola 'something' her name was-one of my first sexual encounters getting a stinky index....LOL
aint looked back since :G

she was my age like....for the record eh?

Is this the worst song/video from the 70s...?

by mahler005 » 27 Feb 2008, 15:45

I know there's plenty of competition, but I think it might be...

The crap tune, shocking dance routine, ferrety singer and pastel clothes really wind me up... :morning: