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New to the forum

Post by Howzat »

Thought I would say Hello. :wave:
I used to be a member of EASTS subbuteo club years ago. Sadly folded when Garry Wright Allwrighty on here passed away. A top bloke who I'm sure a few of you met in person.Think I might have met some members also when we played at the Fingers Stadium in Southend.
What a great day that was. :D

I sold all my subbuteo after the club folded.But now have decided to try the game of subbuteo cricket. Last time I played the cricket game was in the 1970's as a schoolboy .I hope to make a village green set up as I have more time these days.
I've purchased a set via eBay.
Thought I would add a photo of Garry as remember how passionate he was about subbuteo.
Apologies if I've posted in the wrong section
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Re: New to the forum

Post by lionofludesch »

Cricket's a great game if you play in pairs. One each end.

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Re: New to the forum

Post by aims »


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Re: New to the forum

Post by Flick »

Welcome to forum. I’ve messaged you regarding subbuteo cricket and Steve’s annual event

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