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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by Peterparry »

krama wrote:
02 Apr 2020, 13:19
Welcome to the forum PP. Well done on getting back into SUBBUTEO again. You'll love it just as much second time round.
Cheers Mark so far so good

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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by subbuteocollector »

Paul wrote:
01 Apr 2020, 15:33
Welcome to the forum, everybody. It's a bit quieter on here than it used to be a few years ago. Some people still post though and if you've got any questions then somebody will usually come up with the answer.
In the meantime, check out :-

Peter Upton's website.
Little plastic men, subbuteo website.
Celticdream.it website.

And mingardo site for lightweight stuff.

YouTube for "Youbbuteo" and "Table Football Monthly".
Thanks for shout out about Youbbuteo

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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by chambey »

hi all. New member but an old git so I hope this is the right place to say hello. I got my first set for Christmas in 1975 - a total surprise as i'd wanted a scalextric. However from that moment i was hooked. I joined the newly formed Colchester Table Soccer League a few years later and played in some ETSA events during the early eighties before parenthood etc took over and i lost touch. Re-connecting with an old mate from the CTSL a few years ago I got the old box of stuff out of the loft and was hooked once again. Far too many raised eyebrows from my wife whenever a package arrives in the post - most recently some lovely Victorian teams from Santiago and an absolutely gorgeous Luton Town 2019 from Top Spin. Looking forward to exploring the forum - thanks for reading!!
Ref 169 was the greatest kit ever

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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by Paul »

Welcome to the forum, Chambey. :wave:
Most of us on here are old(-ish) gits. Some stuck with Subbuteo through the years, some (me included) like you have, got back into it after a hiatus of a few years. If you need to ask anything then get a thread started; somebody will usually know the answer.
Carpet football sucks.

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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by rossobantam »


echoing Paul's comments, I too put away so-called 'childish' things when work/kids etc took over life....time moves on, kids move out, money situation improves...things long-forgotten in cupboards are re-found & dusted off, and hey presto childhood resumes :clap: :clap:

Tons of reading material on here to keep you occupied.

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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by therecklessone »

Hi all, new member here.

Started playing Subbuteo in my early teens in the late 80s and early 90s, first purchase was the daddy of Grandstand box sets 60250 which I still have (minus the TV tower and the box itself) even if it fell into disuse.

Like a lot I got interested again with covid lockdown, and have picked up a good few teams.

Next purchase is a Pegasus astroturf so I can start playing with my eldest boy, he's only 4 in September but hes mad keen :lol!:

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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by krama »

Welcome reckless, and welcome back to Subbuteo. Good on you for getting the next generation interested!

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