ISF lockdown solo league proposal

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ISF lockdown solo league proposal

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Hi All

does anyone out there want to participate in an ISF lockdown solo league If so I propose 8 teams per division giving a league of 14 games home and away in which participants would play 6 home games with their team, and 1 blind match, 7 in total. the blind match would be any match in that round of matches and unknown to the player. League tables will be visible after round 4 and a final table after after round 7. Each round consists of 8 games each round every player plays the game in which their team is at home, except the the blind week where each player is allocated a game from that round and submits a score, you may be playing a game that involves your team you may not. My wife will do all the admin which allows me to play.
Each game is played to your own rules all that is required is you play with no bias (easier said than done) and submit your scores on time. Fixture lists will be sent to each player and the cycle will be 7 weeks. It's down to the player whether you play 1 game a week or play them all in one week, as long as the results are submitted by the date shown in the fixture list. Failure to submit a result on time will be a 3-0 win for the away side.
A cup competition could be added, games drawn out of the hat each tie would be a 2 legged affair each player playing the home leg and an aggregate score determines the winner.
Anyone who is interested are asked to choose 2 teams, any teams, fantasy ones included (just in case 2 players want the same team). If there is enough interest and enough players for 2 divisions, all teams will be placed in a hat and drawn for the division you will be placed in.
If anyone is interested, has a question, or ideas please post below. or send an email to I'll give it until the end of the month, and hopefully if there's enough interest start in February.
Solo is so much more than playing with yourself!
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