Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

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Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by spudski »

As some of you already know, I've always wished that SSG produced Coloured Boxes in England, like they did for the Italian market.

Anyway after many months of deliberating how to go about making some for myself, I eventually got around to putting my ideas into practice.

I decided upon a Template then altered & designed it to my preference.

I now have a Template for all Subbuteo Catalogued Reference teams in their relevant team colours. I am also able to make one off teams like the ones shown.

I also decided to add the kit design to the player on the front of the box, including skin colour.

I'm now very happy with the results after hours designing on the computer.

May i take this opportunity to thank publicly Dee for her guidance in all things Technical on the computer. Many thanks Dee...

Here are a few samples...I hope you like them. Any constructive criticism valued.

Cheers Ian


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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by takis2003 »

They look superb, Ian. Well done. :clap:

Do you plan to produce and sell them to anyone that may be interested?
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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by up the boro »

Bravo Ian, they are utter class
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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by spudski »

Cheers Lads...

I am doing one offs at the momment.

Keeping costs down is the biggest drawback.

The price of boxes & printing is very costly.

The design is printed onto self adhesive paper, then applied to the boxes.

I may consider offering the various team designs printed for people to cut & apply to their own boxes.

That maybe an affordable policy for all parties.

Something to think about.



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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by oldhamblue »

Brilliant Ian! Absolutely superb effort! :awe: :awe: :awe:
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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by MrsFFS »

I didnt do anything, Ian has done all this stuff by himself, and does not give himself enough credit.

My "computer-technical door" :queen: is always ajar; however you somehow manage to sneak in and solve any issues before I can actually help.

These boxes are awesome and should definately have been available from Subbuteo themselves in the UK. An opportunity missed.

If they had; I would not have to keep my eyes peeled for little green boxes and would instead have towering piles of pretty coloured boxes everywhere I look instead!

Keep up the good work, you're a star 8)


Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by spudski »

You & Jim are the Stars Dee...

If it hadn't been for our discussion around your house this would have never happened...It would still be an idea in my head.

I can't thank you both enough.

You never know, Jim might add some coloured boxes to his collection... I can see some nice Blue & White Leicester designs gracing Filbert St.

I went nuts this afternoon & printed some more off.

For Mike P...I've just done a Bradford Northern box...So Rugby one's are possible. Maybe Lloydie could be the person to speak to for boxes though. I don't want to step on his shoes. I hope you understand.

Here's a few more.... :D


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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by Focus On »

top drawer
be ordering a west ham i reckon

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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by spudski »

Here you go Mike P.

This is the best i could come up with Rugby wise.


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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by odoiporos »

Ian great work on those boxes!!! I really like the Brazil one :D

Mike Parnaby

Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by Mike Parnaby »

Nice, I can see an order coming in soon!


Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by ralphtheclaret »

fantastic - pity they wouldn't do for me, I need our plain card slides to keep the flats erm flat :roll:

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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by lionofludesch »

Not really, Ralph. What's wrong with a label on the outside of the card slide ?
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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by Atomik »

Sheer class!!!
You're right....they should have beem making these all along!

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Re: Subbuteo Coloured Boxes

Post by ian_tambo »

Spud - top drawer mate. I reckon you'll be employing 'out workers' soon!


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