Revised Code of Conduct Guidelines (please read)

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Revised Code of Conduct Guidelines (please read)

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The ISF is here for information and enjoyment, but in order to keep things running smoothly this revised code of conduct has been put in place.

Firstly, and most important, please treat fellow posters with respect. Treat others as you'd expect to be treated.

Anything that is construed as being libelous or racist will be deleted immediately (i.e. as soon as moderators spot it or it is brought to our attention).

Please note that the moderators are not on here 24/7, so there may be a delay between the posting of inappropriate material and the removal of that material: this doesn’t mean we aren’t performing our job, it’s just the reality that at times there are other things we have to be doing…

Repeat transgressors may be banned temporarily with or without a warning depending on the seriousness of the incident. Moreover, if you are constantly aggressive or confrontational on here you are also liable to get banned at least temporarily.

Banning can either be temporary (for a portion of a day, or for a whole day, several days or weeks) or even (in very serious cases) permanently.

Historically we haven’t used temporary banning very much, but in order to improve the environment of the ISF we are increasingly minded to use this power more frequently than has hitherto been the case.

However, moderators will use this banning power judiciously, and our preference will be to first issue a warning, then apply a short temporary ban followed by longer bans if need be. However, permanent bans may be issued for repeated transgressions and/or for very serious offences.

Obviously, we very much hope that members will abide by the guidelines provided here, and that bannings will remain a very rare event.

If you have a problem with anything someone says openly or via private message on this forum then please PM one of the moderators and we will try and sort it out.

If you want to know why a thread or post was removed, please PM a moderator for an explanation rather than starting a new "Where's my message gone?" type thread.

You visit the ISF at your own risk. The moderators do not accept any responsibility for anything said or posted here, and member's posts certainly don't reflect the views of our sponsors.

Please avoid advertising ebay auctions on here. Overt links to auctions of your own items will likely be removed.

This message board is about quality, and not quantity. It’s not a race to reach hot topics, and it’s not a race to a million posts. It’s also not designed for mobile phones, so please avoid "txt spk" as it can annoy people. For the same reason, please avoid ‘shouting’ by posting messages with the caps lock on.

Above all, enjoy it, but please remember to engage your brain and above all else please treat other members with respect.
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