for proper punks old school

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for proper punks old school

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dont know em/....good
know em.....respect me niga
dont like me?.......flip great my job is done :grin:
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Re: for proper punks old school

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:bounce: :cheers:

Didn't know em ... but I do now. Brightened up my day so it has - respek'


Re: for proper punks old school

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this brings back memories , funny as f*k, this lot started off in 1973 as a spoof band and jumped on the punk band wagon after doing the music for a stage production called snuff rock (the name of the ep that the song comes from, all songs on the ep are actually taking the p*** out of punk @ reggae groups), see if you can find another of their songs "heads down no nonsense mindless boogie", thats a good laugh. they were from Manchester and c p lee one of the members is now an head of department at Manchester university!. also dont think you will find it on youtube , but try to find a single they did called thank you, the bside was exactly the same song but with the words changed to f*** you, its pure class.
yeah they did do a tv show it was called something like teach yourself gibberish ?

Just joined the forum, good reading so far especially the music section

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