Resident Evil: Degeneration

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Resident Evil: Degeneration

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The wife picked this up tonight at Asda's and it's not bad. For those of you who are RE Fanboys I'll tell you one or two bad things about it first so that you can vent your spleen.

Claire Redfield. She was great in RE2 and Code:Veronica but for some reason they've replaced her head with Ashleys from RE4. If you're not a fan of the games but just think cartoons kick ass then this won't be a problem.

Now comes the big one and the one I've been ranting about all night... wait for it... Leon get's a freeking girlfriend... WTF???? He's gay!!!! Apparently they decided to de gay him for this movie. Bugged the hell out of me that did.

The film itself is quite enjoyable. It's a link between the Umbrella era and the new Tricell era of the T Virus (RE4 didn't have any mention of Umbrella that I remember, but did have a clip of Leon being gay at the end). It feels very much like a RE title which the movies haven't. RE:Apocalypse came close but not quite. There are zombies, a bloody great big zombie, and a time bomb to avoid while being chased by a bloody great big zombie.

It's obviously not citizen Kane, it's got zombies for crying out loud. Oh, and it's originally in Japanese I'm guessing because the lip sink is awful. On the whole though, pretty much like watching a RE movie.

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