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Krama:My Zep III has the twiddle things in the CD case(it's the cardboard sleeve)

Got a mission in '08 to hunt down a few Damned cds(about 3 or 4 to find as I already own Machine Gun Etiquette which is a classic!)


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He's frank...


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Dragged out my Sisters Of Mercy stuff & loaded it into the hard drive.
Fogot how good "First & Last & Always" was.......
The Cult's Love as well......

Sad old ex-goth :-\

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try the cults new album - excellent!off to see them at brixton in feb.
also kula shakers new album is a good un.

finally got round to buying some zutons which is pretty good too.


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Emma-The Sisters Of Mercy(it's on the Floodland Bonus CD)

Cover of Hot Chocolate :crazyeyes:


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Complete Singles Collection-Anti Nowhere League.

Splodgnessabounds -Bloody fantastic stuff:lol!:

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PhippsFlix wrote:Emma-The Sisters Of Mercy(it's on the Floodland Bonus CD)

Cover of Hot Chocolate :crazyeyes:
'gonna make you the biggest star the world has ever seen'

saw em a few times '85 odd
remember being down Ladbroke Grove recording studios with them and the Folk devils really hot day in june/july/aug 84/5 and Eldridge wearing a big heavy flip off russian coat...everyone else was sweltering ect ect :G

Nick Gilanches(spelling) was manager of both bands
Bored to FLICK


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I "saw" them at the UEA last year(I think it was him as the stage was the usual shroud of dry-ice).
Obviously his voice anyway.
Whole thing was a bit of a let-down as it was mainly new stuff & material from Vision Thing(s***ty album).
Good to hear 1969/Alice/Anaconda & Body Electric though :Fade-color


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Buy this little gems on a used vinyl store in Turin this week and loud rotation all the weekend:...
Ifix Tcen Tcen- Oltre la Collina....'12 1986 Turin HC band!...onTvor rec.
Rocket From The Crypt- Dancing Birds...'7 2000....on Glazed rec.
Seam- Kernel...'12/ 4 tracks 1994...on Touch & Go rec....
Poison 13- First Your Dream...'12 1985...on Wrestler rec.
Antelope- Reflector...'12 2007 on Dischord rec.

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