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Grading Subbuteo

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In order to assist everyone who buys and sells Subbuteo, a set of standards for the condition of second-hand sets, teams and accessories has been devised. Any reputable seller should use similar gradings to state what amount of wear and tear the box, packaging and its contents, or the documents/literature have been subject to.

The 7 standard condition categories for Sets/Teams/Accessories are listed below.

MINT The contents and the box/packaging are in brand new condition with no wear and tear whatsoever. The item would be just as if it had just come off the production line.

NEAR MINT The contents show some signs of having been used but there is very little sign of wear. The box/packaging may show very slight signs of wear/creasing.

EXCELLENT The contents is in a "played with" condition. No repairs will have been carried out. Normal wear and tear to the box/packaging is acceptable provided there are no major defects or tears. The packaging may also have a small amount of writing on it.

VERY GOOD The contents has been played with and there may be evidence of a light repair having been carried out. The box/packaging is generally OK but there may split corners or other slight defects.

GOOD The contents has been played with a lot and there may be greater signs of repairs having been carried out not always successfully. The box/packaging may suffer from creasing, scuffing, splits, discolouration etc and may have been written on.

FAIR The contents are complete but are in a worn condition with many repairs. The box/packaging may be torn or disfigured and written on.

POOR The contents may not be complete or may be damaged. The box/packaging may be badly damaged, torn or missing altogether. The item may only be of use as a collection filler.

The 7 standard condition categories for Documents/Literature are listed below.

MINT The item is as new. There are no blemishes, creases or excessive folds. The paper quality is crisp and clean.

NEAR MINT The item is as new. There are no blemishes. A small fold or crease can be present. The item is free from other markings such as ticks or names. The paper quality is crisp and clean

EXCELLENT The item has had some wear. There will be still no blemishes. The item may have several folds or creases although these should be minor. There should be no tick marks. Very minor ageing can have occurred on the paper quality.

VERY GOOD The item has some visible wear. There may be the odd blemish such as a staple stain. The item can have several folds or creases these can be noticeable folds.
Occasional tick marks and other jottings can be present, although not overly so. The item should be free of tears.
The paper quality will be bright but show some signs of general ageing.

GOOD The item has wear. The item can contain tick/pen marks and also show blemishes. An odd tear can be present somewhere in the paperwork. The item can be creased and folded in places other than the original folds. The paper can look faded and old.

FAIR The item is worn. It will have many ticks and writing. The item will be torn in more than one place. Creases and folds will also be present on several pages of the document. The paper quality will show signs of staining, water staining or dirt.

POOR The documentation is in a degenerate state. It contains many tears, pen marks and general staining. It is only suitable for reference usage.

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