Post your pictures of custom painted players.
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Post by Gullseye »

You probably need to use a smaller brush and a magnifying glass.

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Post by Jon »

Always paint the flesh first.
I always do the boots next,make sure no paint goes on the base as that always looks messy.
Then light colours followed by dark colours,
Keep going,it's great fun,
I've started again recently and am now selling teams for quite good prices!

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Post by ogi71 »

probably buy a new camera with a macro setting

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Post by cityfan247 »

i echo what has been said.

Like Jon i usually paint up flesh first. Then I do the kit -light colours first then darker. Painting dark over light always works better than the other way round. I finish with boots and hair.

I use old bases to hold figures during painting or use blu tack. Keep the bases you intend to use nice and clean.

Re brushes size 00 is the staple brush for any painter. The figures are small and i find anything above 0 can be blotchy and lack the ability to do fine detail. You can get smaller 000 5/0 or even 10/0. The problem with really small brushes is when you load them you have to be careful as too much paint they can be just as blotchy.

a good effort. You can always go over the edge of the green in white to get a neater edge. Halves can be tricky at first but like other things with practice become easier. I have done a few halved kits myself. see my custom paint jobs thread somewhere in the Members Custom Paint Jobs section (shameless plug lol)

Keep going mate.

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Post by CrashSubb »

I only have a 0 size brush, and I don't think that I need a magnifying glass.
The green half is as it is, because I didn't shake the paint as the instructions on the side say, so my paint was really "wattery" and didn't cover the figure so well. So I repainted it.
Oh, and my hand was shaking so much that I couldn't paint so well
But I painted the skin and hair first, then the boots and then the kit.
This is my first time to paint these types of figures, I never painted a action figure before, but I think that, for a first timer, it's good.
Remember, this is my first player, on Friday, I will paint the
other 11 that I have

oh, and i toke the image with my phone, just in case

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