Heavyweights - lightweights

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Heavyweights - lightweights

Post by chelt123 »

Apologies for what may be a simple question but can you play hw teams against lw ones ? Are there disadvantages that make it not appropriate to do so ?
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Re: Heavyweights - lightweights

Post by BlackpoolRock »

Certainly no rule against it, unless any league or group you play in has an in-house one.

I know many will disagree, but personally I prefer playing with the lightweights these days. For what they lack in shooting power, they gain in ball control, certainly with the smaller, and lighter, FF ball I use.

In recent matches between the two types, lightweights have tended to have the upper hand, although hardly any games have been one-sided.

May I suggest, if you play solo, try a few games between the two player types, and enjoy!
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