AstroPitch bubbles

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AstroPitch bubbles

Post by jozza800 »

I've just laid an astropitch to my board with spray adhesive. After leaving it overnight, I've come to find that there are several air bubbles.

I can just about brush the bubbles flat but they return within minutes. The pitch is now firmly in place, so I'm not sure I want to or can lift it.

Any ideas how to get rid of them?
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Re: AstroPitch bubbles

Post by Silverfox63 »

A rolling pin. and carefully roll them towards the closest edge. failing that you may need to uplift and re-roll.
Before the adhesive gets to firm as it will harden with age. Go to a carpet shop and see if you can get one of the large cardboard tubes our of the middle of a carpet roll. Then re-lay the pitch as a two person job with one holding the pitch as the other applies the pressure through the roll. Get a bit wider than the pitch so you can maintain even pressure.
Hope that helps

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