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Over the weekend I decided to get my Zeugo Astropitch out of its tube for a bit of a flick around. To my horror it was invaded by an army of mould/mildew.

Now, I know that no amount of rubbing would work (it would merely result in a redistribution of the mould, or there would simply be
no result). Vik got chatting with his mom about what a possible solution would be to remove the unsightly and ghastly mould, and she suggested I try Vanish Liquid Stain Remover. This is the one that comes in a pink bottle.

Armed with a chamois cloth, I got to work on the Zeugo Astropitch. Simply dab the chamois with some Vanish and gently rub the "afflicted" area. I chose to traverse through the entire pitch.

It worked like a charm! Magic! The Zeugo Astropitch is like new again. I have not tried this on the Subbuteo or the Astrobase Astropitch yet but I am hoping it will work on those surfaces, too, just in case any of you have a mould/mildew problem to deal with.

Vanish does not harm the pitch in any way, and there is no issue with discolouration either. Give it a try, if required. It will work.

Now the only thing that remains to be said is I hope you people in Europe, or Asia, or the Americas can get your hands on Vanish Liquid Stain Remover. And if you find it and put it to use on your Astropitch, be sure to thank my mom ;-)

Keep on flicking, my Subbuteo brothers and sisters!
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