Collection of literature

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Collection of literature

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Hi Guys

Long time no speak. Great to see the Subby community is still going strong.

I have come across my collection of literature. I am looking for offers as I am unsure of their worth.

I don't want to sell individually. Ipad wont let me upload a photo, however I can email.

Subbuteo Literature

Growing up with Subbuteo book
Flick to Kick illustrated book
1971/72 Subbuteo Catalogue
1973/74 Subbuteo Catalogue
1974 Subbuteo Handbook (Elemetary Rules)
1974/75 Subbuteo Catalogue
1978 Subbuteo World Catalogue
1979 Subbuteo World Catalogue
1980 Subbuteo World Catalogue
1981 Subbuteo World Catalogue
1985 Subbuteo Team List Large Poster
1985 Subbuteo Price List (A4)
1986 Subbuteo World Cup 86 Catalogue
1986 Subbuteo World Cup 86 Large Poster
1987 Subbuteo Catalogue
1988 Subbuteo Catalogue
1989 Subbuteo Team List Large Poster
1989 Subbuteo Italia 90 Catalogue (A4 version)
1990 Subbuteo Italia 90 Catalogue
European version of playing instructions large poster
2 different versions of playing instructions
1980's membership application form
2 Subbuteo playing pitch instructions (1 black, 1 green)
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