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ISF Subscriber 2021-22
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World Of Sport

Post by Wacca »

Over the last 6 months or so, there have been 3 WoS sets sold on EBay, all for eye watering amounts.

However, the latest has now been listed 4 times and has not met the reserve (think highest it reached was £960 which is a fair bit less than the auction prices that the others went for) ... 4422348483

As much as I would love one from a collectors point of view, the fact that you are paying 4 figures for a vinyl covered box is where my head over rides my heart.

Any thoughts as to why this hasn’t shifted - is the reserve putting bidders off ?
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ISF Subscriber 2021-22
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Re: World Of Sport

Post by Ralph1 »

each to their own but £800 plus is a lot of money to me for a damaged box full of mainly ref 1 and 2 lightweights and zombies and a lot of polystyrene enlivened by the worst rendition of an Argentina kit that you will ever see ..could only have been made worse by the use of zombie figures for the otherwise entirely hideous ref 67 ...
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Re: World Of Sport

Post by Paul »

It's horrible, imo.

Early 70's World Cup boxset, rugby set and cricket set are much more desirable, and the combined cost is a lot less, too.
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Re: World Of Sport

Post by barrychuckle »

The value is in the box and this one looks a bit shabby. The contents are ten a penny but only 1000 produced makes it desirable to collectors.
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