John Lauder

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John Lauder

Post by Vikash »

Anyone else think John's the bee's knees? :wub: :awe:
How about them transparent dangling carrots
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Re: John Lauder

Post by lloydie1109 »

I have known John for about 40 years, he really is a top chap, a real gentleman in all areas of life

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Re: John Lauder

Post by ralphtheclaret »

Vikash wrote:Anyone else think John's the bee's knees? :wub: :awe:
Yes .

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Re: John Lauder

Post by cityfan247 »

I have done plenty of business with John over the years.

Never had a negative experience. Sound bloke.

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Re: John Lauder

Post by lionofludesch »

:thumright: Good tournament organiser.

Pushes things along. :thumleft:
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Re: John Lauder

Post by francao »

John Lauder is a great!!!

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