different coloured boots

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Re: different coloured boots

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I can’t believe that something I bought innocently in the 70s would cause me so many headaches. I don’t eat people to accuse me of fraud, I just want,reluctantly, to sell my stuff to genuine people who want it.
In collecting Subbuteo the problem are the repainters .
As many of you have just written it could happen that SSG assembled different shape of teams together... but you bought them in the seventies in a shop and they were genuine, even when they had been touched up to match other teams like they did in France, or sometimes overpainted in England.
On the contrary, now you have to be very very carefull to buy from people on ebay, cause the repainters and people that bought in the past from them and resell teams as genuine (beginner in good faith) !!!

I can understand what happened to you, and I am sure you are in good faith, no doubd.

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Re: different coloured boots

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If anybody told me now that they have a collection to sell, but want the minimum of hassle, I would advise them to restrict to UK buyers only.

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