Women's FA Cup Final 2018 set

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Women's FA Cup Final 2018 set

Post by Timbo85 »

Interesting to see this for sale.
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subbuteo-SSE ... Sw8Jxc~Ti1

Remember reading it was limited edition and 'only available to win on social media'/ for VIPs at the time.

Amazed to see the box has 'Made in UK'. I assumed (as with practically everything else) we'd lost the capability to make Subbuteo here. Anyone have any idea who produced this as assume the pitch, goals, players etc would all have been made here?

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Re: Women's FA Cup Final 2018 set

Post by dawn.42 »

this is the third for sale on Ebay in 2 months!

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