League Results, so far

For posting of info relating to the ISF Solo league
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ISF Subscriber 2020-2021
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Re: League Results, so far

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SB249, I sent you a PM giving you the solution, and also a little more info. Thought it would save our topic spaces for the more important things, like results, reports, photos and tables. For those of us with, shall we say, slightly longer memories, the names may have been more familiar.

My league has reluctantly had to take a short break for a few days, as I'm hosting a friend tomorrow, so thought I'd better get some basic housework done. (Sorry for using such a word on the Forum). After its long rest, the vacuum cleaner was in full working order, although it took me a while to remember where I'd left it, (which is a reflection on me, rather than the size of my house.) Expect to be back in full swing from Friday, and have the next round of matches completed in time to have the next report published on Monday.

The Mill Town and Hinton United players have been out on the pitch warming up for their match for about three days now; hope the poor chaps don't get frostbite.

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Re: League Results, so far

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Didn't get your PM :( . My Internet has Been playing up. You able to resend it? Can't wait to see your photos, and reports. Very tiring getting the fixtures played as well as the time round night shift working patterns. Enjoyable though. As the beauty is anything can happen with your own adaptions of the rules.

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