5 a side solo league

For posting of info relating to the ISF Solo league
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5 a side solo league

Post by Casey1979 »

Hi everyone

I'm a newbie so just wanted Your thoughts. Due to a lack of space I'm looking at buying either a 5 or 7 a side pitch and wondered where I can purchase one?

Also what are the general rules for 5 and 7 a side matches. Match length, block flicks etc as I can't seem to find any rules online.

Your help would be much appreciated

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Re: 5 a side solo league

Post by BlackpoolRock »

Welcome to the forum, Casey, and good luck with setting up and starting your league.

Afraid I can't help regarding a smaller pitch, although someone will almost certainly be able to.

Because a solo league is yours, by definition, there are no 'official' rules. You're free to play the type of game which suits you best. Some of us use defensive flicks, others don't. Similarly, the duration of your matches is also up to you, but will probably be influenced by the rules and type of game you play.

If you are returning to the game, may I suggest you begin with a type of game you are familiar with, then once you get underway, you may choose to modify or experiment if you think something different is worth trying.

Above all, the best of luck, and may you have many hours of enjoyment from the hobby.

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Re: 5 a side solo league

Post by HSV66 »


six aside from Top Scorer might give you some ideas

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Re: 5 a side solo league

Post by Flash »

Check out Flick for Kicks: http://shop.flickforkicks.com/about-our ... n4_J5OFjL8

I've got one of these, it's great. Far better than the Subbuteo released version: http://www.subbuteoworld.co.uk/001-five ... eo-box-set

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