Serh_davi. ....aka Catsmad

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Re: Serh_davi. ....aka Catsmad

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and...funny old world ... re-list Rouen having 'sold' it £96 on Saturday night......

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Re: Serh_davi. ....aka Catsmad

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Maybe he really did buy 240 of them back in the day lol
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Re: Serh_davi. ....aka Catsmad

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When I had my run in with our friend Cats mad back in 2007, name and address they used (well one of them as I suspect they used a number of address) was:
Lorraine Sison
86 Queens Road
Lewes, East Sussex
United Kingdom

Years later while at one of the maidenhead subbuteo meets, one of the guys selling subbuteo that day, made me aware of a person in the room he believed to be catsmad. I cant recall how he knew but he was pretty sure. The guy was buying un-boxed teams if I remember, ideal for repainting.
I ended up following him out of the hall - his 'mrs' was waiting outside in car with two kids but I pulled him up and asked if he remembered me from ripping me off. Told him my name and who I suspected him and his mrs were. Lets just say neither looked shocked at my accusation other than looking shocked.

Decription wise - he was a tad taller than Ronnie corbet - 5'5 to 5'6 - short dark hair, average build and glasses. His Mrs had the face that should only be allowed out on hallowen.

The one thing I always remember when they ripped me off - was during their replies to me, that bragged about conning me, practically admitted they knew what they were doing and seemed to take pleasure in knowing this.

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