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Introduction to the Forum

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Welcome to the Independent Subbuteo Forum - the Internet's main forum dedicated to playing and collecting Subbuteo. This forum was borne in October 2002, after a lot of persuasion, frustration and hard work. It was started to provide Subbuteo collectors and players worldwide a forum worthy of the name Subbuteo, and one that would provide them all the facilities they would require in a forum.

Views expressed on this forum are of the opinion of the person posting only, and do not represent the opinions of the forum owners, Hasbro Inc and/or Hasbro International Inc in the UK and/or other countries unless stated.

All messages should be posted in the English language and any messages posted to the wrong section are liable to be deleted. Duplicated messages placed in more than one section will also be deleted.

Anything that is construed as being libellous or racist will be deleted as soon as moderators spot it or it is brought to their attention. Please note that the moderators are not on here 24/7, so there may be a delay between the posting of inappropriate material and the removal of that material.

Please try to respect the views of other posters to this site and be aware that any abusive messages are liable to be deleted, with the author suspended or banned as appropriate.

Any members who do not log in to the forum for a period of 90 days or longer, are liable to have their accounts purged.

User registration needs to be approved by an administrator and accounts have to be activated before access is granted to certain parts of the forum. The forum has no obligation to approve a user registration if that person is not considered suitable, or if they have no apparent interest in Subbuteo.

This message board is about quality, and not quantity. It’s not a race to reach hot topics, and it’s not a race to a million posts. It’s also not designed for mobile phones, so please avoid "txt spk" as it can annoy people. For the same reason, please avoid ‘shouting’ by posting messages with the caps lock on.

Use of this forum as an advertising medium for auction sales is not permitted without the express permission of the Webmaster. Instead members are encouraged to enter into the spirit of Subbuteo collecting and offer your spare items in the "For Sale" section on this forum.

If you can think of any improvements that we could make to this forum please email

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