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Post by Greenwichblue »

Hi there
I've loved Subbuteo since my first set back in 72. A complete 1st division was always my dream
This forum has always pointed us in the right direction and so I have returned . Ive been on this forum before asking for selling and buying advice before. Who to trust, selling wise and who to avoid, selling wise. Eventually I learned.
I collected on and off, hated zombies and then obsessed about obtaining 1 -180 inHW...
I was fooled by fakers (soccerstudcollectables et al) but have never lost inherrent love for the game. I've bought and sold on eBay , always being honest with the description and the heritage of teams (gard555 etc. buying and selling my advertised fakes)
To cut a very long story short I've just bought Dave Salmon's life collection and wow . He was as mad as a badger for the green boxes.
He was a fantastic collector and painted the odd few in gloss.Liverpool ,Sampadoria and Nantes are amazing.
I will be sifting and selling (and buying) over the next 3 years (retirement project ) and want to let this forum know that I want the collection to go to the Subbuteo world. Of course I want to cover my costs, but all queries, questions and requests please pm me. I have a very big bits and bobs box.
I have 1300 teams (about 100 repaints) and boxes and boxes of other stuff. Anything I sell will have an honest description.
My plan for the next few years is to deal Subbuteo, learn and have fun.
If there are any of Dave's friends out there that have a team/ memory they associate with him let me know and I will look through his personal teams, as long as its not a Lyn 229 obviously
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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by krama »

Welcome back, sounds like an amazing project! Good luck, and look forward to seeing some of your Subbuteo stuff.
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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Post by subbuteocollector »

BlackpoolRock wrote: 06 Oct 2020, 08:36 Welcome back to the Subbuteo, SGL. Hope the game will provide much enjoyment, and this forum some good interest and advice. You appear to have made a good start, with that super-looking pitch.

I was in almost the identical place, five years ago, as you appear to be now. You have already found Subbuteoworld, who can provide all types of original teams. If you opt for modern replicas, both Santiago and TopSpin can provide heavyweights, which are rather cheaper than some of the originals. Zeugo manufacture both the hw replicas and the modern, sliding teams.

If you wish to take a look at what is currently available, there is a youtube channel, Table Top Years, which is produced monthly, and discusses all things Subbuteo, both ancient and modern, in an interesting and entertaining way. That may also be of some help.

Good luck; even exploring what is available can be an adventure.
Don't forget the other channels too lol

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs3_Kg ... wixzfdkS1g Watsies
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg9qV4 ... 8SzgqcZiOA Game of the Day
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6jzyi ... AU-pG7-N1A Flicks spits and kicks
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulBnC ... _9naMYr8mA

I have missed some others too, sorry to those I missed
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