Company that Subbuteo needs?

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Company that Subbuteo needs?

Post by glenantony »

I've been watching the Hornby documentary series on one of the satellite channels - as well as the Railway models, they also own/look after Scalextric, Airfix and Corgi which together represents a large chunk of my childhood.

It's wonderful to see a Company that has the both the legacy of their brands plus the future in mind. Despite posting losses for a decade or more, they have still looked to keep their names on the shelves, they have innovated, they have revisited their products and improved and they have tried to keep the punters happy with what they want.

I'm sure you can all see where I'm going with this - It's clearly what Subbuteo needs. A company that is proud to keep their niche products available and current, and honouring what's gone before

Well I can always dream - what about it Hornby, you've made a profit now, so why not invest in the licence of another legacy brand?
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Re: Company that Subbuteo needs?

Post by Paul »

I've watched some of that documentary series. Very good programme.
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Re: Company that Subbuteo needs?

Post by chickster25 »

I would like a company like Hornby to own Subbuteo as I think they would do a better job than the current owner. I see the current Subbuteo items as cheap, a long way from the original quality and unappealing.

Sadly, with football licensing at such a premium, especially for the Premier League, plus a smaller customer base, I cannot see us ever being able to enjoy the range of kits that we enjoyed in the past.
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