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Anyone interested in attending the USA GP/IO at the end of april, flying out on the friday before the event, flying back on the monday evening (later available on request).

I am trying to get a deal from BA, and it's looking like it's gonna be around 250 from heathrow. Not a bad price, folks under 26 could possible get slightly cheaper, old folks could be looking slightly more expensive (doubt it though)

anyone interested, pm me with what you're looking for.

more info is available from myself ( who's been there, got the tshirt etc.) or paul eyes who's running the event.

This weekend comes highly recomended from all US players, myself and Shorab. Excellent tournament, excellent hospitality.


Robert R


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Thanks for the plug Robert! Let me know if you book that flight. Looks like the event will have a much bigger and deeper field than last year. Also a large U19 event. It will be a great weekend. Anyone considering the trip please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Cheers, Paul


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Robert the devil are ya?
Can you give us the dates...unless I've gone mad and not noticed them...but Sam and I would be interested (work permitting)...sounds like you are getting a good deal...Sam is certainly under 25...I'd have to lie a bit lol...but send me some details me laddo... would suffice or post 'em here...

Adrian and Samuel...

Pm'd ya as well...happy new year everyone


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Ellicott City (Baltimore, Maryland) dates:
April 30: GP
May 1: IO

Toronto dates:
May 7: GP
May 8: IO

Hope to see plenty of you guys over here. It's a good time for Europeans to come over as the exchange rate is very much in your favour.

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